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Speaker for February 5th, 2019

Our Speaker Mr. Doug Burleigh has a BS, in Physics, from Penn State University and also a MS, in Applied Physics of Materials, from Penn State University.

He has an ASNT Level 3 in Infrared Testing since 1985. He has over 50 technical publications.

Mr. Burleigh has worked at General Dynamics Convair, then Space Systems Div. This became Lockheed Martin. He served as Lead Engineer of the Physical Properties Laboratory in the M&P department.

The lab was involved in measurements of thermal and electrical properties of materials, explosives and ballistics testing, quality assurance, R&D, and NDT testing and development. Doug developed many applications of Infrared imaging, including NDT, Jet & Rocket plume studies on Cruise missiles, gaseous leak detection, and monitoring of materials under simulated space reentry conditions in Arc jet tunnels at NASA facilities. Mr. Burleigh also developed Laser Shearography for NDT of aerospace structures around 1989. He also worked at Rohr Inc., (became BFGoodrich Aerospace) Chula Vista CA. He was a Test Engineer on the X-33 program, responsible for materials testing at NASA Ames Research Center and NASA Johnson Space Center to qualify materials and structures for flight. Also performed IR NDT on large composite structures of the X-33 Space Launch Vehicle. He is also a Consultant, primarily involving NDT, applications of IR Thermography, NDT and materials engineering at NASA, United Space Alliance, TRW, Lockheed Martin, GE, Boeing, Goodrich Aerostructures. SpaceX, ATK, NORDAM, Kakivik, and others in the aerospace and petroleum industries. Long term position at Kennedy Space Center to develop IR NDT techniques for inspecting Carbon composite parts (wing leading edge and nosecap) of the Space Shuttle return to flight. Performed IR and other NDT methods on large composite racing yachts for the America’s Cup. This resulted in the detection of defects that could have resulted in catastrophic failure. Developed processes for detecting Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) on oil pipelines on the North Slope of Alaska.

Topic of Interest


The title of his talk is: “Infrared NDT in Aerospace and other applications of IR”. Mr. Burleigh has been using Infrared (IR) NDT since about 1985.

IR NDT has been used to inspect a wide variety of materials and structures, from electrical circuit boards to large composite aerospace structures, including those reinforced with honeycomb.

In some applications, IR NDT is an alternative method to Ultrasonic C-scan, which is well established in the aerospace industry. IR NDT can perform some inspections much more quickly and economically than UT.

The basic principle in IR NDT is that a defect in a material, such as a delamination in a composite panel, generally has thermal properties (thermal conductivity, diffusivity, density, specific heat, etc.) that are different from the rest of the (bulk) material. The material is heated and a defect may disrupt the heat flow in the material and cause a disturbance in the temperature distribution on the surface of the material. The surface temperature pattern is detected by an IR camera.

Various Heat sources may be used including Xenon flash lamps, quartz or incandescent lamps, lasers and electrical resistance.

Defect types that may be detected include delaminations, disbonds, impact damage, water entrapment honeycombs, porosity, cracks, FOD, insulation flaws, etc.

In addition to IR NDT, some other examples of the use of IR imaging in testing systems and structures will be discussed.

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February 5th, 2019 Past Chairman's Night


February 5th, 2019

Past Chairman's  Night-  All Past Chairman's  will have their dinner provided by the section. 

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