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Chairmen's Message

Dear Members,

I am honored to serve as the chairman of the board as we move forward into this new year. I pledge my best to lead the San Diego section further in fulfilling ASNT’s mission statement in creating a safer world by advancing scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge in the field of nondestructive testing.

I would like to continue the high standard set by my predecessors by maintaining our section’s status of Gold in the President’s Award Program as well as increasing member participation and continuing to offer NDT training courses.

I would also like to take this time to recognize those before me who have worked so hard to make our section thrive. I realize that we will not always have the pleasure of their involvement and experience and would like to make it our goal to pass this knowledge on to a new generation of section leadership.


Ramon Thomson

San Diego Section of ASNT Inc. - Chairman

Past Chairmen's Message

Dear Members,

The 2017-2018 business year for the San Diego Section of ASNT Inc. was a good year by many measures.

Membership stayed steady. The Board of Directors welcomed two new members as well with only one current member stepping down and the remainder continuing to serve. We had one attendee to the Section Leaders Conference and he has expressed that there was a lot to be learned in the management of an active section like San Diego. Last fall the Section was honored at the 2017 Annual Conference with award winners. Juan Diaz for Mentoring, Michael Diaz for the Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year, Mont Booth for the Advancement of Active Military and Veterans and Larry Olsen for the Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Award as well as the San Diego Section was a Gold Award winner for Presidents Points. This was San Diego’s 5th consecutive Gold Award.

We again had a strong education program; we were able to locate instructors, classroom locations and filled; RT Level I/II, PT Level I/II and MT Level I/II. We are still looking for Instructors for this upcoming year as we have several requests for new classes.

The Section financial situation continues to be very strong and we are meeting our goals. We have worked hard at trying to keep meeting costs down and provide a good venue for our technical meetings.

We try to provide good speakers for the technical meetings as well as having a vendors night where our vendors can present their goods that sometimes not all Level II’s have an opportunity to see without going to the annual conference.

Last but not least the word Support comes to mind when you mention the San Diego Section of ASNT Inc. This section has a lot to offer to our members, potential members and our vendor support.

I would encourage anyone interested in NDT, NDI or NDE to come to a monthly technical meeting and start networking with those in attendance. Who knows you may be looking for employment, need an answer to a NDT/NDI related question(s), want NDT/NDI training course, or just to meet with colleagues in the NDT/NDI business.

I look forward to seeing you at a San Diego Section technical meeting.

Kind Regards,

Denise McKay